Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mothman's Return Ebook Will Be FREE! (If You Want It To Be)

If you haven't seen my announcement on Social Media (which you probably have; I post there a lot more than here, haha), then there is some good news. Tale of the Mothman's Return will be available October 13th!

That's right, after all the waiting we have a release date set in stone. And how perfect; I was able to launch it on Friday the 13th!

Stay tuned on more details about the book launch, but for now, I have more really exciting news to share...

Tale of the Mothman's Return Can Be Yours FREE!

You read that right. I will be making the PDF version of Mothman's Return available for any price you want, even no price at all. It's a concept called Pay What You Want, and I gotta say I love the whole idea. 

Here's how it works...