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I have boxes full of signed books to giveaway FREE!

So a little backstory here. I self-publish all of my books through Amazon, and my books are printed-on-demand to keep overhead costs down and prevent me from needing a huge stock of books on hand. Works out great, overall I like it—but I didn't always  do print-on-demand. When Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf  first launched, I went directly to a printer and had a bunch of copies made up ahead of time. This didn't end up as the most efficient way for me going forward, and the formatting on those first prints aren't as professional as they are now, but it was a start. Anyway, I thought all that old stock was gone by now—but I just stumbled upon two full boxes of them! So here's the thing... I don't really want to keep this much stock around, and it's harder than its worth to sell them separately on Amazon. Which means it's time for some really awesome giveaways! I hereby decree all Wednesdays in the near future to be "Werewolf Wednesday,"
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Vampires will always be cool

Not long ago, vampires were everywhere. From Twilight to Trueblood , pop culture was saturated with the undead. But as with everything that gets insanely popular, it hits a breaking point—and suddenly everyone was sick of it. A lot of people would say that's what happened with vampires; culture on the whole is burnt out on the idea. They're past the "best if used by" date, and writing a story based around them is no longer worth it. For many passing fads that's probably true. But vampires are different. The cultural significance of the vampire is just as hard to slay as the creatures themselves. What some people forget is that vampire popularity has ebbed and flowed for literal centuries , and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon. They may be in a downward trend of interest now, but they are only lying torpid until their next night to shine. As a self-proclaimed vampire nerd, let's take a look at the history of vampires in fiction. I'

Enoc Anthologies: Complete Collection out now, & American Immortal coming!

That's right—all five seasons of Enoc Anthologies are available now, and boy are you in for a treat! Whether you're a fan of the Enoc Tales or stumbling upon these books for the first time, Enoc Anthologies is worth checking out. (You can check out the rest of the books in the series here ). You can grab the paperback version here , or the digital Kindle version here . But let's backtrack a minute, because it's been awhile  since I've talked about my book series.  A little backstory on mental health Those of you who have known me for awhile hopefully know that I've struggled with depression for years. It's not always active, but it's never entirely gone either. Sometimes I go a month or two without an episode, but eventually it rears its ugly head and sends me to a dark place.  Don't worry, though! As much as it isn't pleasant, I've come to peace with the condition. I now know that depressive episodes will  happen, yes—but th

Why Do I Suddenly Hate Minecraft?

I have a long  history with Minecraft. My introduction to the game was also my first time playing or discussing games over the internet. It's no exaggeration to say Minecraft changed the trajectory of my life, and over the years I've clocked in countless hours in that blocky world. So... why can I suddenly not stand it? Why Minecraft Is Amazing First, let's discuss all the things I love about the game. The thing that's always stood out to me with Minecraft is how creative  it is. Not that the game  is creative—it presents a fairly generic world with a few clever designs peppered in—but that the game allows for player creativity. Arguably, the whole point of Minecraft is expression. You are given a limitless world and a vast palette of materials to turn this "generic" world into something of your creation. Once while pondering Minecraft, I realized how much it captures the deeply human desire to make a mark on the world. Here you are, dropped into

Can I Gush About Hollow Knight For A Minute?

Hollow Knight is good. Like, really  good. This isn't news; since the game's release in early 2017, it has received almost nothing but praise. If you follow gaming trends at all, chances are you've at least heard  of this game, and that it's good. That's one of the reasons put off reviewing Hollow Knight. At this point, what more is there to say? Is it worth rehashing the points others have said a hundred times already? That's why this isn't really a review of Hollow Knight—this is a love letter to what, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games ever made. My History With Hollow Knight I was late to the party. I only picked up Hollow Knight back in November, long  after its initial release. I was looking for a new game on my Nintendo Switch, which I only had a handful of titles for.  I had heard about Hollow Knight. That was basically Bug Souls , right? A 2D "ripoff" of the Dark Souls formula, but featuring some nice artwork and bu

New Hat in Time "Nyakuza Metro" DLC Announced + Online Party Mode!

I never knew I needed gangster cats in A Hat in Time, but now I wonder how I ever lived without them. Gears for Breakfast just announced the second DLC for their Mario-like platformer, and it looks fantastic. Nyakuza Metro Hat Kid is headed to the big city, where a sinister cat (who I swear is a relative of Beerus) runs the show. With a thuggin' makeover, Hat Kid embraces a life of crime and explores this new locale.  The gameplay at Nyakuza Metro looks fun as heck. You jump around between cat trains in a dark, almost noir style city. Very different from anything else in A Hat in Time, and that's what makes it so fresh. The voice acting for this new character is awesome, as I've come to expect from the game by now. Nyakuza Metro promises 10 new Time Pieces, a new baseball bat weapon, flares, dyes, badges, and even stickers you can place on the map or use as emotes in multiplayer. Which leads into the next big reveal...  Online Party Mode I've

Something Big Is Coming For A Hat In Time Tomorrow

As you may already know , I'm a big fan of A Hat in Time—which is why I'm so hyped that they have a big announcement coming tomorrow! This image was posted to Gears for Breakfast's official Twitter account a few days back. To me it teases a "Nintendo Direct" style livestream announcement. I'm sure it won't be as massive as Nintendo's live events—this is a small indie team, after all—but the hype is no less real for it. The livestream will begin at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT tomorrow, April 25th on their Twitch channel . Go follow them on Twitch to catch it live yourself. I will be tuned in, and posting my summary and thoughts shortly after the stream , so if you can't make it I'll be sure to update you on what went down. As for what they could be announcing... it could be any number of things. A new DLC? A release date for the Switch port? Something really radical, like a sequel or a new game by Gears for Breakfast? The biggest clues we h