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Vampires will always be cool

Not long ago, vampires were everywhere. From Twilight to Trueblood , pop culture was saturated with the undead. But as with everything that gets insanely popular, it hits a breaking point—and suddenly everyone was sick of it. A lot of people would say that's what happened with vampires; culture on the whole is burnt out on the idea. They're past the "best if used by" date, and writing a story based around them is no longer worth it. For many passing fads that's probably true. But vampires are different. The cultural significance of the vampire is just as hard to slay as the creatures themselves. What some people forget is that vampire popularity has ebbed and flowed for literal centuries , and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon. They may be in a downward trend of interest now, but they are only lying torpid until their next night to shine. As a self-proclaimed vampire nerd, let's take a look at the history of vampires in fiction. I'