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Urban Legends That Inspired "Tale of the Mothman's Return"

“Wow, you do so much research for your books!” I shrugged. “Not really,” I explained. “I'm just passionate about the topic.” That was a conversation I had with a reader a few days ago, while discussing my book series, the Enoc Tales. I was conversationally explaining some pieces of real folklore and sightings that I used for inspiration in my books, things that she had never heard about before. And it's true; I make a point of incorporating as much real folklore and legend into these books as I possibly can. However, I'd hardly call the process research. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by urban legends. In fact, it was that interest in local lore that got me excited about writing.  in a sense, the research came first— and then the book followed.

High-Intensity Interval Writing; How to Write More in Less Time

Image by Caleb Roenigk. I check the clock to see it's a little past 4 in the afternoon. For the most part, it's been a lazy day; woke up with some coffee, played with my kids, had a leisurely lunch break. My goal for the day was to crank out some writing on my new book, but I only spent about three and a half hour actually writing. How much progress did I make? over 4,600 words. Nearly three times the daily number people shoot for during National Novel Writing Month , or what will someday be about 18 pages in the novel. It was a record-breaking number, yet it felt like I hardly worked at all. I threw all those words on paper without stressing, or pressure, or working long grueling hours. What I did that day was sustainable  and repeatable , not a one-time fluke success. What did I do that worked so well? I used the same principle I do with exercise.