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New Hat in Time "Nyakuza Metro" DLC Announced + Online Party Mode!

I never knew I needed gangster cats in A Hat in Time, but now I wonder how I ever lived without them.

Gears for Breakfast just announced the second DLC for their Mario-like platformer, and it looks fantastic.

Nyakuza Metro

Hat Kid is headed to the big city, where a sinister cat (who I swear is a relative of Beerus) runs the show. With a thuggin' makeover, Hat Kid embraces a life of crime and explores this new locale. 

The gameplay at Nyakuza Metro looks fun as heck. You jump around between cat trains in a dark, almost noir style city. Very different from anything else in A Hat in Time, and that's what makes it so fresh. The voice acting for this new character is awesome, as I've come to expect from the game by now.

Nyakuza Metro promises 10 new Time Pieces, a new baseball bat weapon, flares, dyes, badges, and even stickers you can place on the map or use as emotes in multiplayer. Which leads into the next big reveal... 

Online Party Mode

I've praised the split-screen co-op mode in A Hat in Time many times before, but this? This is a whole new level. I don't know if I'm thoroughly excited or terrified by this idea, but there it is; A Hat in Time is getting an online party mode, allowing groups of up to 50 players to play together at a time!

It appears in party mode you can play time rifts together, progress through levels, and generally mess with one another. That 50 player party looks to be invite only; they talk about a separate matchmaking system for up to 3 random players who can see you but not interact with you. It even seems like you can have little contests for collecting pons, and everyone is scored at the end of the level.

I can't even wrap my mind around this concept, but seeing dozens of Hat and Bow Kids running around bopping each other was kind of mesmerizing. If nothing else this is unique. I can't think of any other game of this genre attempting something like this. Gears for Breakfast haven't let me down yet, so I'm cautiously optimistic to try this bizarre idea in action. 

Final Thoughts

Holy moly, this was a wild announcement—and I absolutely love it. Nyakuza Metro looks like a ton of fun to explore, filled with neat visuals and fun platforming challenges. New cosmetic options are always welcome. Online Party Mode is such a crazy idea, whether it sinks or sails I give them major props for trying. 

No news on the Switch port or when the last DLC will make its way to other consoles, but keep in mind this is still a very small team working on this; give them time and it'll get there.

The Nyakuza Metro DLC is coming for the PC on May 10th. You can pre-order it now for $7.

What do you think of A Hat in Time's newest DLC? Does Nyakuza Metro look fun to you? And what are your thoughts on this radical new Online Party Mode? Let me know down below!


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