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Enoc Anthologies: Complete Collection out now, & American Immortal coming!

That's right—all five seasons of Enoc Anthologies are available now, and boy are you in for a treat! Whether you're a fan of the Enoc Tales or stumbling upon these books for the first time, Enoc Anthologies is worth checking out. (You can check out the rest of the books in the series here).

You can grab the paperback version here, or the digital Kindle version here.

But let's backtrack a minute, because it's been awhile since I've talked about my book series. 

A little backstory on mental health

Those of you who have known me for awhile hopefully know that I've struggled with depression for years. It's not always active, but it's never entirely gone either. Sometimes I go a month or two without an episode, but eventually it rears its ugly head and sends me to a dark place. 

Don't worry, though! As much as it isn't pleasant, I've come to peace with the condition. I now know that depressive episodes will happen, yes—but they will also pass with time. I've gotten better at managing my mental health, and it's less of a problem than ever.

Why am I bringing this up now? Hang with me here, I've got a good reason

A career of stop-and-go

I haven't always been so good at managing this depression, and it has caused progress on the Enoc Tales to come to a crashing halt many times. Looking back, I think I fell off the face of the Earth at least once during every main book's production. 

Since I got my depression somewhat under control, I wanted to get back into doing the thing I love—telling great stories and sharing them with all of you. But I didn't want to tell you about it, not just yet. I was tired of telling people what I intend to do.

I wanted to tell you what I already did. I wanted to sneak up and come back with a vengeance.

And it's comeback time.

What is Enoc Anthologies?

So Enoc Anthologies is up and ready right now, but what exactly is it?

In short, Enoc Anthologies is a collection of five shorter adventures, called "seasons." They all follow Will Lewis—main protagonist from Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf—but each season is its own self-contained adventure. You can read the full description here, and maybe grab a sample of the beginning while you're at it. 

I had a lot of fun writing these, and although I think the first season is a little slow, I'm really happy with how it all turned out. Don't let the mention of "shorter" stories fool you—this collection is longer than Wisconsin Werewolf, so it's not lacking for content! 

And hey, that's not all I've got to announce...

The most ambitious Enoc Tales book EVER is in the works!

That's right, guys. The book I've been planning for a decade. The combination of dozens of plot threads weaved through every other story. Pardon the comparison, but this is my Avengers.

You see, while Enoc Anthologies was in post-production, I got straight to work on the next project. Tale of the American Immortal ties together the plot from every other book in the series! The main cast from Wisconsin Werewolf, Twin-City Vampires, Hawaiian Night-Marchers, and Mothman's Return will all collide in the most ambitious story I've ever told. 

You'll hear a lot more about this in the coming weeks, but I'm already knee-deep in heavy outlining. Let me just say it is coming together beautifully; I was worried about this one, but every plot point and character action is falling perfectly into place. 

Until then...

Massive Enoc Tales Free Kindle Giveaways

To celebrate this Enoc Tales renaissance, I'll be giving away Kindle copies of the Enoc Tales free every day this week! Starting tomorrow, one book from the series will be available to keep totally free—you can grab it, send it to your phone, and read it whenever you get the chance. Keep it up and by Monday, you'll have the entire Enoc Tales collection for free! (Except the newly-released Enoc Anthologies; but that'll only set you back a few dollars.)

If you have any interest in the series, like a grounded approach to urban fantasy, or just love reading, you should absolutely take advantage of this. Tomorrow we'll start things off by giving away my first book, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf. Although I've improved a lot since then, that book will always hold a special place in my heart—and it kicked off this entire adventure. 

And that's all for now! I'll be posting more all week with free deals on the series, and discussing progress on American Immortal. Until then, go pick up your copy of Enoc Anthologies now!


  1. This is AWESOME! Every time I finished reading an Enoc Tales book, I immediately wanted the next one to be here already. This was especially the case after the insane ending of Mothman's return. Each book you write is even better than the last, and they all stay with me long after I finished reading them. I am so excited for more Enoc Anthologies, and I am so SO excited for American Immortal. I don't think I've ever said it, but everything I've heard about American Immortal makes me think of the iconic Avengers Assemble so it's funny to see you say the same thing. For me, these next books will be just as hype as any Avengers film!


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